My Mind Makes Noises Album Review

            Pale Waves, My Mind Makes Noises Album Review My Mind Makes Noises is the debut studio album from English Indie Synth Pop band Pale Waves, released on September 14th 2018. The album follows a well received EP released earlier in the year entitled All The Things I Never Said. The album charted at number 8 on the UK Albums Chart & number 1 on the Heat Seekers Album Chart. The first I'd heard of this band was flicking through the music channels on TV & being greeted with this gothic looking female singer/guitarist (Heather…

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Coming This Weekend – Episode Six – DAN THE BEAST SEVERN!

Dur Dur Du Du Du Du Du Dur Dur Du Du DURRRRRR You all know the awesome entrance music, remember his great sweaty shirts, and marvel at his amazing Mustache. Allow Better Call Creative to fill in the remaining blanks as we take a trip back to the Attitude Era and celebrate the original Beast, the most decorated champion in WWE history, Dan The Beast Severn! We review the man's career in WWE looking back at his feuds with Ken Shamrock and Owen Hart....and not much else We rebook his time with the promotion, each trying to out do the…

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Hang Cool Teddy Bear Album Review

              Meat Loaf, Hang Cool Teddy Bear Album Review: Did Meat Loaf deserve the R.K.O from RRAAAAAANNNDDY ORTON? In conjunction with episode 5 of our podcast NXT season 1, I look back & review Meat Loafs album Hang Cool Teddy Bear. Released in April 2010 in the UK & May 2010 in the US, Hang Cool Teddy Bear is the 11th studio album released by the loud & larger then life rock star Meat Loaf. Produced by Rob Cavallo whose background includes albums such as Green Day album Dookie, My Chemical Romance album The…

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Episode Five – NXT Season One

"The Little Stick Thing!" - CM PUNK Check Out Our Latest Episode, NXT Season One. Join the Better Call Creative boys as they delve head first into the murky past of one of wrestling premium brands, NXT. Let them take you through the birth of a heel Michael Cole, the emergence of Daniel Bryan, Wade Barratt....and SKIP SHEFFIELD! Grab you little stick thingys, and pick up those kegs and join the fun as they run you through all the terrible trials the superstars of tomorrow had to endure back in 2010! The Winds of Change are coming! Fantasy Booking: This…

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Episode Five – NXT season One, Coming this week!

Check back this week guys as Episode Five drops from the Better Call Creative boys. Its NXT Season One. Join the boys as they laugh there way through NXT's murky beginnings. They explain the weird and wonderful trials, the bizarre pro and rookie partnerships and discuss the birth of Daniel Bryan, and a heel Michael Cole! Sit back and enjoy Episode Five - Nxt Season One dropping this Friday!

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The Brackets for the Worst Wrestlemania Match Wrestlecup

Here we go, the brackets are up for the upcoming Wrestlecup debut and its for the Worst Wrestlemania match of all time. Rules: One Match per Wrestlemania from Wrestlemania 3-34. Grading will be made considering expectation, match quality, possible other booking options.   Let us know what matches you would have replaced, and who you think will make it all the way to the final and win the coveted Wrestlecup,

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Episode Four – Halloween Havoc 1992

Episode Four - Halloween Havoc 1992 Join Better Call Creative as we put on our costumes, pick up our trick or treat sacks and head off to the spooky world of WCW 1992 and its annual Halloween Havoc PPV. This time, 12 of the most deadly matches(a lot of them the same....and not deadly) are put in the hands of lady luck as Sting Spins the Wheel to Make a Deal with Jake Roberts in our Main Event. Also facing off for the WCW World Championship is one of WWF's former stars.....The Barbarian! Let us tickle your funny bones as…

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Hulk Rules Album Review

If you're a wrestling fan (& I assume most of you are) you will have no doubt of heard of at least 1 track of this album & who knows there may actually be some sick individuals out there who actually own a copy of this album (If you do please tweet us a pic we'd love to see who out there owns this). On first glance at the albums track listing we can see where this album is going with 6 of the 10 tracks using the word Hulk in various forms within it's titles. Released in the year…

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Coming Soon- Episode Four: Halloween Havoc 1992

Episode Four of the Better Call Creative Podcast will be dropping soon, and we are heading back to the murky early 90's in WCW, as we review Halloween Havoc 1992. Join us as we spin the wheel and make the deal on Bill Watt's led WCW. Ron Simmonds defends his newly won WCW title...not in the main event of course, and Rick Rude and Chono put on what could easily be described as one of the much underwhelming matches ever! No top rope moves, no crash mats, and no Ric Flair...this is going to be great!

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Episode Three- Mr America!

Episode Three - Mr America, Sit back, pull on you're favourite Wrestling Mask, and enjoy Better Call Creative's review, rebooking and reimagining of Mr America. We discuss the beginnings of Mr America, who sat at home at Hockumbuck New Jersey dreaming of one day stepping into the footsteps of his idol Hulk Hogan. We discuss who Mr America could be? Mr Fuji anyone? Then sit back and enjoy us rebooking Mr America, complete with fake moustaches and Vince McMahon paroding around in a mask. Join us as we complete our Fantasy Wrestling Card, this episode based on Wrestling Patriots. Nazi's…

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