Episode Fourteen – Sting vs Vampiro

Episode Fourteen – Sting vs Vampiro
You guys voted for it, so we went back and watched the whole of the Sting vs Vampiro story arch from 2000 WCW. So thank you for that!
Join the boys as they review every crazy gimmick match, every strange piece of commentary, and sit through a match that involved the Kiss Demon….the Kiss Demon!!
It’s 2000 WCW and Russomania is running wild, as Nitro’s are filled with first blood ambulance matches, and people are set on fire! What more can you want from your wrestling ay?
Then listen as the BCC Lads try and turn this fued ito something for the ages, as each take turns to rebook and do it better!
And finally let your fantasies go wild as the guys imagine a 6 match card of the wackiest craziest gimmicks you could think of. A pole on a pole match? A pinata on a pole iron man match?
Russo would be proud, we know because we’ve called creative!

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